Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thirty2ndstreet is finally open to the World!

I am so glad to finally be opening my doors to the blogging world! I set this up last August and then life got in the way. That can happen when you have five kids but I am not complaining. I am lucky to have been blessed with such chaos. I grew up in chaos with 5 sisters and one brother in a lovely little mid-western Ohio town and that's all I ever really wanted out of life. Lot's of things going on around me.

I just signed up for another charm swap at and am very excited. I am currently working on some little polymer clay fortune cookies that I will be posting pictures of tomorrow. Tried adding a little Pearl Ex Powdered pigment to my diamond glaze to seal the clay and I must say it dried to a very pretty shimmer! I love it when ideas actually work out!

Must say I am getting a little tired of all this snow. This is the ugly stage of winter when the dirty snow plowed piles are gray and sitting all around. I need some sunshine to invigorate my soul. However I will probably lose a lot of creative time to the outdoors. It's often hard to choose between my 2 favorite things on pretty sunny days. A beautiful afternoon run or an hour of uninterrupted creative time in my work room. Oh well at least today I know I am headed to my work room!

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