Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One of those Mornings

Today was one of those mornings.  The alarm went off at 5:45 for my morning run and the pain I felt in my upper quad reminded me that I probably shouldn't go just yet, or maybe it was the fact that those covers felt sooo good.  Then the sound of my phone going off with a text from my Senior got me out of bed any ways.  It said she had left early for her field trip and thanks a lot for moving her purse off of the table so that she didn't have her camera.  (why is it that kids can only see what is right in front of their nose) While reading that reaming I hear my sophomore hollering that she needs me to take her to school since my other daughter has already left.  I explained that I would be down in a minute but I hadn't realized that the school had quit running buses in March, I would have to call the bus garage.  
As I'm headed down the stairs my 12 year old asks if I would please come help her pick out an outfit cause the first 20 she had on just didn't look quite right.  Also wondered if I had seen her Lacrosse goggles cause try-outs are today.  I said they were in her back pack and if she opened that nearly as often as she opened her closet she would have known that. 
While dropping my daughter off at the high school I get another text saying "well where is it?" (gee I guess the bus driver has decided to turn the 250 kids that are half way to Washington DC around to pick up my daughter's camera-how sweet.)  Her purse by the way is 1 foot away from where I moved it so she would of had to of turn her head to find that, and that is just asking too much.  Which is exactly what I texted back to her. Goodness. Mornings like these I think how I wished I had been more methodical in taking my birth control.
Upon my return to domestic bliss I see my two youngest have had their breakfast and are set for the day.  I really think these two could run the country.  My 8 year old daughter wants to be sure that I remember that I am the parent in charge for her brownies today.  She wants to be sure I am going to make the "St patty's day theme" a lot of fun, like a lot mom!  The queen Bee of 2nd grade has already been asking her what incredible plans I have for the meeting.  She so does not want to disappoint her.  I said I've done this a million times, no sweat.  Other then going out side to stand in snow covered clover and try to catch a live leprechaun, my ideas would be great.  She had that look that screamed "mom just catch the live leprechaun!"
So now that I have gotten all the supplies for our little leprechaun boxes and tons of stickers, created a treasure hunt, and figured out a little science project (because we are also working on our science Try-It badge), made 36 green rice krispie treats and bought 24 green drinks I think I may go for that run!  It can't be anymore painful then my morning.
Later today I hope to put together some DIY kits for my felted cuffs.  By the end of this week they should be in my shop. thirty2ndstreet.etsy.com !

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