Wednesday, March 24, 2010

DIY Kits for Embellished Cuffs

I must apologize for not getting the cuff kits to the shop window yet.  I have just been having so much fun finding goodies to put in all of them.  As much fun as I had in planning mine.  Each one will make two cuffs and I am sure you will still have left over fibers, fabric, buttons, charms, and other wonderful cuff ephemera.  Trust me they will be worth the wait! So be sure and check my shop towards the end of next week.  Worked up a lot of cool bracelets for the shop window too.  Will try to post pictures soon.  sorry but spring seems to be coming and that means I now have 2 Lacrosse players, 2 soccer players, 1 baseball player, and 1 rugby player's games to catch.  I need to get a practice taxi so I can still have fun crafting.  Now go make something!

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