Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monkey see, Monkey do!

It's funny where inspiration can come from.  I had a circus theme charm swap last year for the charm group Charms2007swap@yahoogroups.com and I kept thinking curious George.  Not sure why, well he did go to the circus with the man in the yellow hat or maybe the man wasn't aware that George had gone.  Seems the man in the yellow hat was never quite sure where George was.  I think I am the woman in the yellow hat when it comes to my teenagers.  Heck with all the cell phones they can be standing in Instanbul with some really cute Istanbul boys in some really hot Istanbul car drinking Istanbul beer and say "yes mom I am with Katie now and we are headed to the Up movie!" And they think I'm stupid. Oh well that's for a whole 'nother blog topic.  Anyways  I couldn't get monkey's off my brain. That night we went out for pizza and my youngest (who thank goodness is too young for Istanbul boys or tricky cell phones and would choose her mom and a quarter over any cute boy) of course begged me for a quarter for the gumball machine and twoila! The monkey in the capsule she came back with.  I loved them and each one was doing something different.  So 14 quarters later (and my 8 year old grinning like mom has gone mad!) we had enough for my charm swap.  So needless to say I spent half my evening drilling and wiring and gluing these little guys to their lids.  The other half of my evening was spent explaining to my 8 year old that she got to keep one monkey and the rest were going to have a wonderful journey out in to the world.  I was losing that battle but luckily my daughter over in Instanbul called and I didn't have to finish explaining before Dad put her to bed! 

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