Thursday, March 11, 2010

Got My Oil Changed Today

Well it was an interesting morning, I finally took a bikram yoga class that I've been wanting to try.  I had done yoga once before and it didn't sit well with me.  I kept wondering when it was going to get over and when would my heart start really beating like it does when I run.  Well in this type of yoga class you are in a room that is heated to 105 degrees and 40% humidity.  I went in early thinking I should get acclimated to my new environment and boy was it stifling.  I had to do some deep breathing just to adjust.  You then are led thru 26 poses and two breathing exercises.  At one point I did think I might puke right there on my sweaty mat, and how would I clean it up since my full sized bath towel was laying in a soggy mess.  Yes I said full-sized bath towel, not a dry spot on it!  I then proceeded to remove as much of my clothes as possible without looking like I belonged in a nudist colony. Even considered asking "Does anyone ever do this in their underwear?" but you don't really talk.  I was so hot I would have taken my capris off.  Hell I think I would have stood there naked.  Anyways at the end of class we all layed down on our backs and just breathed and then she gave the greatest gift of all.  A little round rock chilled in a refrigerator and gently placed it on my forehead.  I'm not sure I have had anything that good, seriously I think I cried.  So I waited til my little rock warmed up and got out of there.  The air was very refreshing but even more refreshing was the energy I felt.  I felt like I had tuned my machine.  I think I will be incorporating this into my schedule of fitness.  My quad which was killing me on the way to class had no pain in the end.  So check it out in your area, pretty cool, just dress lightly, very lightly.   

As an update to my Brownie day with my youngest daughter, all went pretty well.  I did determine though that just because it tells you an experiment will work in the girl scout manual it doesn't actually mean it.  Our try-it was on science and one of the things it said we should do was with coffee filters and a black felt tip marker.  You would draw the marker down the center of the filter and then place it in cold water and watch the different colored chemicals bleed out to make a beautiful rainbow.  Well our rainbow was like tar, now I don't know where the girl scout people live but when I read rainbow I think Roy G Biv.  I'm pretty sure the little girls did too, cause they looked at me like this is lame! Sophia pulled me down to whisper in my ear that "mom, this really isn't working".  Now it said a black felt tip marker and I grabbed five different black markers from home, each one a different brand and none permanent and I'm telling you none of them worked.  So of course we explained that as scientist experiments didn't always work out and I know 90% of those girls thought "Mrs. Herman didn't try this at home", oh well sometimes the glass is half empty and they were troopers.  The rest went very well and it is amazing how excited your kids are to have you be involved in their things and their world.  Sophia felt like a queen for the whole hour.  Cute.

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jdudte said...

I just love the way you write. I was laughing out loud and re-reading it to Jerry & Kari. I don't know how you fit it all in. I'm still hoping I may find time to start a cuff tomorrow. I've been planning to find that time for 2 months now. Love keeping up with your life like this. Judy